“In Madrid, in less than 30 years, more than 50% of the public fountains in service have been lost, which now are seen to be dismantled, broken, without a tap to drink from or simply dry.

It makes us very angry that in order to drink in a public place we have to buy a bottle of water in a kiosk or go into a bar, not to mention the fun the children playing in the parks and squares are being deprived of. In Madrid, to find a fountain, you have to walk more than 5 kms.

To criticize the indifference of the administration in regards to a necessary public service, even more so in a city as warm as Madrid, we carried out an action called ‘Drinking Water Running Through the Streets’.”

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hahaha, next time maybe you can be the one to change the world. :P
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New York Fashion Week
BCBG S/S 2012
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Architects of the week #1 & 2

that is cute. :D
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Don’t think I can ever go back to my long hair life.  : )

Androgynous chic.
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Saturday. (by Maddy C)
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For the first time in the US, Piet Hein Eek, now available at The Future Perfect.
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Jorge Pineda, how come u know me this well? 
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Gubi, Denmark.
Semi Lamp & Gubi chair :D
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Pakayla Biehn’s gorgeous double exposure paintings. :)
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Opaque  by  andbamnan